Detox Centers in Pittsburgh help patients take step one towards recovery from drug or alcohol dependency, using protected, supervised medical facilities and custom designed detox regimens. Detoxification, or detox, eliminates collected drugs and cleanses them from the body, but it shouldn’t be confused with drug or alcohol rehab.  Detox alone isn’t treatment. The detox process can also be intimidating for people that have attempted ‘cold turkey’ techniques, or for people that may have been abusing for years, however it doesn’t need to be. When you consider that detox procedures are different for each and every addiction – and it would be dangerous to use ‘cold turkey’ technique in lots of circumstances – Detox Pittsburgh makes use of protected and medically certified strategies, providing a custom designed experience for each and every client. For any questions, or to speak with a detox specialist, call Detox Pittsburgh at (412) 205-8255 now!

What to Expect from Detox

Detox Pittsburgh customizes the detox procedure to produce the maximum benefit for every client, however there are three basic stages to expect. It is very important to first assess every client to be able to determine which drug, or drugs, are being used. Many abusers form multiple drug addictions – frequently in combination with alcohol – and detox treatment strategies can range drastically depending on which drugs (and in what quantities) are present within the client’s bloodstream. Then, Detox in Pittsburgh detoxifies the client’s body, disposing of damaging toxins and substances. Detox breaks the physical dependency to drugs, but it doesn’t rehabilitate the client, so Detox Pittsburgh urges their clients to transition right into a customized rehab treatment program which is a good way to promote a lasting recovery.

Why Treatment Is Important

Detox is a powerful first step to take towards recovery, however many people affected by drug and alcohol addiction also suffer from psychological disorders that contribute to the dependency and upset recovery. After detox, and without additional encouragement, addicts can easily find themselves in situations where they might use again. Location can also be a very powerful issue in the recovery process. Effective recovery is determined by a lot of factors, however a brand new setting, where drugs and alcohol are not as obtainable, is an important factor.


After the preliminary detox process, Detox Pittsburgh urges continuation into one of their 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehabilitation programs. Rehab supports detox, encouraging the recovering addict to stay clean and sober.  Group and individual counseling, access to the 12-step community, wholesome diversions and physical activities, and wonderful, relaxing accommodations all contribute to the recovery procedure.  These environments are comfortable, as a way to reduce the temptation to use, but also keep clients busy with programs designed to help them reach their sobriety goals.

Take the First Step Today!

Detox is just a first step, and must be used alongside drug or alcohol treatment. Unlike many different facilities, Detox Pittsburgh offers support and treatment programs after the detox process. Detox may promote physical health, but it doesn’t cope with any underlying mental triggers for drug and alcohol abuse. If a facility provides detox services, it sets up its clients for relapse.  Detox Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wants their clients to stay clean and sober forever, and provides their clients the techniques to combat dependency in the future. Speak with a detox professional regarding taking step one towards sobriety.  Call (412) 205-8255 now!